The Case for Sharing Space

We believe that cities should be far simpler & friendlier than what they currently are today. It's crazy that people will travel halfway around the world to stay in a stranger's home, yet they rarely know or interact with the people they see nearly everyday. Our neighbors are oftentimes our most underutilized resources & we envision our future cities to be a far more personal & connected community. 

Starting with Storage

Every year, Americans spend upwards of $35 billion driving to a windowless warehouse at the edge of town to store their things. Yet, in our own trusted neighborhoods, there are houses and apartments with a bunch of available space. 

The more we talked with self-storage customers, the more we learned about the lack of customer-centricity at the core of the storage industry. With price hikes and arbitrary fees baked into their business model, storage companies fail to deliver the trust & community that we believe should be at the core of the best businesses. 

What felt like a horrible experience became an opportunity for us to reinvent the way storage was done. 

Your Neighborhood Shared Space

Sharespace aims to aggregate the idle space across your neighborhood and uses it to reduce the cost of traditional storage while providing a safer, simpler, and more pleasant experience. Instead of an abandoned warehouse, store with a neighbor where you live.

Flexible and Efficient:


Peace of Mind:

What's Next

As we continue to build, we envision a community of neighbors helping neighbors build simpler & friendlier cities. Join us!