How to Run a Successful Home Business (Part 2 of 2)

In the first part of our series on running a successful home business, we gave you all of the tips on the types of businesses you could run out of your home to make passive income. But once you start your home business, how do you get the highest paying customers and grow your customer base? Whether you’re hosting guests on Airbnb or renting out storage space in your garage through Sharespace, these are some tips that could help you to make your home business competitive. 

Take Well-Lit, Clear Photographs 

No matter what your home business is, having good photographs of your space will make a huge difference in securing customers. Photos are your only chance on an online profile to show, rather than tell, clients why they should choose your business. A great photo can make your space look larger and brighter, whereas a bad picture can make any space look dark, cramped and undesirable. 

As a general rule, more light will usually make your space look better, so be sure to shoot during the day. If you’re hosting guests on Airbnb, show off the aspects of your home that make it unique, such as an amazing view or a hot tub. If you’re renting on Sharespace, it helps to shoot your picture into the corner of the room, as it helps to highlight how much space you have. It’s also generally better to have as many pictures as possible to show off different aspects of your space. 

Create Space

If you’re running a home business, space is your biggest asset. Having more of it means more clients and more income. If you’re planning to run a home business, try reevaluating how you’re using space in your home to maximize your profits. 

Do you have a spare room or home office that you never use? If you clear it out and invest in a bed and some other small pieces of furniture, you could easily start renting it on Airbnb. Clearing out your garage also maximizes the amount of space you could rent out on Sharespace. 

Establish Trust 

Running a home business requires you to build a lot of trust with your clients. Some people may be initially wary about staying with strangers or keeping their belongings with them. You’ll need to prove to them that you’re capable of providing a good environment for them or keeping their belongings safe. 

One way to begin building this trust is to link your social accounts to better validate your legitimacy. Who knows, maybe your customer is only one or two degrees away from you!

Clean Up 

You owe it to your clients to offer them the best possible environment –– whether they’re staying in your house or storing their belongings there.

If you’re renting out a room on Airbnb, consider doing a deep clean of your floors. You may be used to any build up of grime in your carpets, but it will stand out to your guests. Also make sure you eliminate clutter and make it as easy as possible for your guests to navigate the space. They’re on vacation and it’s your job to make sure that the cleanliness of the space when they arrive is something they don’t need to worry about. 

If you’re renting out your garage on Sharespace, make sure you’re eliminating dust and grime. People keep some of their most valued belongings in storage and you’re responsible for keeping it safe. Remember to check in on their boxes every now and then to make sure there aren’t any surrounding leaks or problems that could lead to their items being damaged. 

Be Responsive & Available

It’s never good to leave your customer in limbo. Finding a place to stay or a place to store your things is stressful. People typically want to figure out their arrangements as soon as possible. If you wait too long to respond to messages, your potential customers may turn to one of your competitors instead of using your services. 

Instead, be as prompt as you can with your replies. This will help your customer confirm that they’ll be using your services sooner, meaning more certainty for both of you.