How To: Finding the Right Mover

Storage can already be a mentally exhausting experience and you’d usually rather not want to spend any more time and effort finding movers. However, moving horror stories are very real & oftentimes the best marketed companies don’t always have the best service. 

Here are some quick tips on how to cut through the noise & ensure you’re getting the optimal moving experience to complement your storage. 

Find the Right Solution for your Move

Although obvious, defaulting to a moving company is not the most cost-efficient solution. Depending on your items, a ride-sharing provider (Lyft, Uber, etc.) could be a far cheaper alternative. If you’re not moving anything bulky, hiring a truck can be a more economical solution. Rates start at a fraction of a professional mover’s cost & since Sharespace always look to match you with a host next door, you will very likely be in & out within the hour. 

Interview Several Candidates

Moving is a big event & should be treated as such. It’s not everyday you have to pack all of your heavy & valuable furniture into a truck & hope it arrives safely on the other side. While Sharespace can provide a list of recommended movers, do your due diligence to prevent any unplanned surprises! 

Here are some key questions to ask prior to the booking: 

Make Sure They’re Properly Licensed & Insured

Avoid moving scams by ensuring that the company is properly licensed. Any interstate moving company should have a license number that is issued by the US Department of Transportation (you can check their number here) & any local mover should hold a state license that can be provided as well. Do not work with any mover that is unwilling to provide these license numbers. 

Make sure your service provider also has the right coverage that you need. Basic liability protection covers $.60 per lbs per item but you should have the option to be provided full value protection at an extra fee. Bumps & bruises are very common in the moving business so make sure you’re properly protected in any event. 

Moving can be expensive but spending the extra few minutes researching your options can save you a lot more money & hassle in the future. While Sharespace will actively monitor and update our recommended list, do your own research as well to make sure you have all of your bases covered!