How To: Packing for Storage

Whether you're storing in your home or a neighbor's garage, clean & organized packing is often overlooked during moving preparations. Here are some of our tips to better increase the longevity of your items while also saving you big by minimizing excess space & eliminating the need for climate-controlled units.

Wrapping and Protecting Your Things

Box It or Wrap It

It’s not a good idea to leave anything unwrapped when moving into storage. Your belongings will not only be exposed to dust, which can be found in even the cleanest space, but they could also be subject to damage from any of nature's elements.

Smaller items should be boxed in plastic tubs, while large items such as furniture should be covered in protective wrapping. Avoid using cardboard boxes, as even the sturdiest ones are subject to mildew and won't protect your items from dust and dirt.

Disassemble Large Items

To save space and cost, break up your larger items so that they can separated and put on their side. Usually, items with the largest footprint, like tables & sofas, can take up a small fraction of the space if it's strategically disassembled and wrapped. If you're using the right combination of blankets & wrap, you'll have no problem getting it back together in perfect shape.

Invest in Stretch & Bubble Wrap

Many movers (especially those that we recommend) will provide wrapping services as part of the move. However, if you've determined that it's more cost-effective to move yourself, a small investment in stretch wrap will go a long way towards protecting larger items from dust and dirt. Likewise, bubble wrap is a great solution to ensure protection for smaller items from any accidents along the way.

*Buying Tip: The higher the gauge for stretch wraps, the better the protection. If you're looking to wrap your larger items, go for wraps that are 15'' to 20'' wide.

Organizational Tips: List and Label

Make a List

Among the worst feelings when unpacking into a new home or situation is not knowing what & where your things are in storage. One of the quickest wins when packing is to have a list readily handy for what's in each box or container. This will not only expedite your storage visits but also help reduce stress when the time comes for you to move out.

*Tip: To save search time, keep a duplicate list taped inside one of your boxes so that you can quickly sort & search if you're looking to pick things up or unpack.

Buying a Lock

One of the greatest advantages of using Sharespace is security. Traditional storage units are notoriously easy spots for burglaries, & frequently, the "insurance" that you buy can be pretty ineffective when tested. Even with security monitoring, commercial units in some areas have a reputation for burglaries — and many types of padlocks can be easily cracked open with burglars' tools.

Sharespace locations are not publicly known, so no one knows that your valuables are being stored in their particular garage unit. Plus, a person's home is their safest, and usually their most valuable, asset — another reason why Sharespace homeowners will do everything they can to protect your valuables, as well as their own.

Although packing can be quite the stressful experience, the right planning & investment will save you time & money in the future. Happy storing!