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We are a small team of engineers and operators changing how cities and homeowners think about building usage. We help build cities that are more efficient and neighborhoods that are more connected. Our engineering team builds simple and intuitive products that delight users.

Apply with the form below. All positions are full time and based in San Francisco. No remote or recruiters please.

Software Engineer - Frontend UI/UX

As a frontend UI/UX engineer in a small team, you’ll work with people across the company from design to backend engineering to prototype, build and optimize our mobile responsive web product.  As an early engineer, you’ll have the opportunity to own and define the product and our interactions with customers.

You should be a motivated and resourceful engineer comfortable working with a modern toolchain like Javascript/Typescript, React, Webpack, NPM/Yarn and SASS.  Your focus will be on building functional and beautiful components with an eye for simplicity and design.  


  • Collaborate with our Design, Product and Engineering teams to define our product
  • Build beautiful cross-platform web experiences that touch our users
  • Develop user-facing experiences with React, Redux and Sagas
  • Optimize user signup and on-boarding flows

Skills and Experience:

  • Solid engineering experience working with modern and mobile browsers
  • Strong UI/UX and design sense
  • Solid experience with Javascript/Typescript/ES6 and working with the DOM
  • Familiarity with modern web standards: HTML, CSS/SCSS/LESS
  • An analytical and testing-centric discipline

Software Engineering Generalist

We're looking for generalists who believe in using the right tool for the right job and are comfortable working across the technology stack. As an early member of the team, you'll be given significant autonomy and ownership over key parts of the product. You'll work across the spectrum from user facing flows to core internal tooling and through the full life cycle of software development from prototyping to production deployment.

We're a small team that believes technology provides leverage for us to build fundamentally better customer experiences than the status quo. As part of this team you'll work collaboratively across engineering, design, and operations to refine our technology strategy and help build smarter, friendlier cities.

What we're looking for:

  • Solid CS fundamentals across a range of disciplines and demonstration of deep knowledge in one or more areas
  • Strong coding skills and ability to work across code bases of varying size and complexity
  • Empathy and understanding for users with attention to product detail
  • Enjoy ownership of problems and user flows end to end
  • History of shipping to production high quality products that delight customers

We're particularly excited by candidates with experience in Kotlin, Typescript, React, and Redux, but ultimately believe the best engineers ramp up quickly on new technologies.

Product Designer

We're hiring our first product designer to bring life and voice to the Sharespace experience. Sharespace is a unique product that involves online and offline interaction between multiple groups and must instill a high level of trust and reliability.

As our first product designer you'll help us define and implement our first suite of products, setting the ground work for our first design systems and aesthetic style. You'll almost certainly help us create a new logo and brand book, and should be excited about thinking through brand design from the ground up for both online and offline experiences.

What we're looking for:

  • User centric design thinkers who start with the user problem and iterate rapidly to solutions that delight users in unexpected ways
  • Relentless focus on simplicity, elegance, and craftwork at a high standard of polish
  • Solid understanding of iconography, composition, user research, design systems, visual design, and modern interaction design
  • Comfortable working across many mediums and stages of the product design life cycle from sketching, paper prototyping, mockups, digital prototyping, and production asset production
  • Fluency and understanding of the tradeoffs of design decisions and able to collaboratively work with engineers to ship products

Engineer/Economist - Mechanism Design

We're building a real time auction system that drives utilization of complex assets and looking for individuals with a strong track record in mechanism design to join our team. This role blends elements of economics with computer science, and we especially encourage computer scientists with an interest in economics, game theory, or statistics to apply.

What we're looking for:

  • Demonstrated track record designing and deploying auction systems in production environments and tuning complex auctions running at scale
  • Strong history of academic excellence, ideally with a publication record in the areas of game theory, auction design, mechanism design, or related areas of statistics, economics, or computer science.
  • Fluency in writing code for production environments and comfort building systems that function in real world environments


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