$10,000 Occupant Guarantee

Your peace of mind is priceless. So we don’t charge for it. Every booking on Sharespace is protected by our Occupant Guarantee at no additional cost to you. Sleep easy. You’re part of the Sharespace family, and we stand by our family.

What's Protected?

The Occupant Guarantee provides protection for up to $10,000 in damages to, theft or misuse of items stored on Sharespace. Payments are subject to certain conditions, limitations and exclusions.

The Occupant Guarantee payment request form can be submitted by contacting customer service directly.

Occupants seeking payment under the Occupant Guarantee agree to cooperate with Sharespace and its insurers, including providing documentation of the claimed loss and agreeing to inspection in the rare cases when it may be necessary.

What's Not Protected?

For Occupants, the Occupant Guarantee should not be considered a replacement or stand-in for independent insurance for items stored or for homeowners or renters insurance. The Occupant Guarantee does not protect:

  • cash and securities
  • personal liability
  • damage you or your items cause to a Host's property
  • any items that are not allowed to be stored on Sharespace as listed on our FAQ page

Certain types of property–such as jewelry, collectibles and artwork–have more limited protections. Occupants may want to secure alternative storage services for such valuables, and may want to consider independent insurance to cover such items. The Occupant Guarantee does not protect against reasonable wear and tear or damage from moving. For more information on the limitations and exclusions of the Sharespace Occupant Guarantee, please see below.

Common Questions

What should I do before submitting a payment request?

Upon discovering a damaged item, the Host or Occupant should contact customer service. We will work with the Host and Occupant to negotiate a resolution prior to filing an official claim. If a resolution cannot be found between Host and Occupant, the Occupant should carefully review the Occupant Guarantee terms and determine if they are eligible before submitting a request to Sharespace.

Occupants must submit their request no later than 7 days from their move-out date. For payment requests submitted on time, we’ll send a confirmation email and follow up emails to discuss next steps–such as further documentation from the host or occupant–within 24 hours. Once we have received sufficient information from both the Host and the Occupant, we’ll review all documentation, evaluate the payment request, and contact the Occupant upon completion.

Contact your Host to notify them of your complaint and try to resolve the issue directly. Oftentimes, Hosts and Occupants can resolve issues on their own. If you and your Host are unable to come to a resolution, we recommend that you file a police report. A police report is encouraged in all cases and is required for payment requests that exceed $300 USD. Compile as much documentation as possible to submit with your form. Useful documentation and information that will help process your payment request as quickly as possible include:

  • photographs of the damage being claimed (typically before and after photos)
  • a police report for any damage that is over $300 USD
  • receipts or some alternative evidence of the accurate fair market value or report cost
  • proof of ownership
  • any other documentation that you feel will be helpful to processing your request

If you are unsure of whether the incident in question will be protected under the Occupant Guarantee, or if you have any further questions, you can contact customer service, we're happy to help!

How do I submit an Sharespace Occupant Guarantee payment request?

To submit a Occupant Guarantee payment request, contact your Host to notify them of your complaint—often Hosts and Occupants resolve issues on their own. If you and your Host aren’t able to come to an agreement, notify Sharespace. Gather as much documentation as possible to submit to Sharespace, including photos, receipts, a police report, and any other documentation that proves ownership, damage, or estimates the fair market value of items damaged. Once we receive sufficient information, we will review all documentation and evaluate the payment request under our Occupant Guarantee policy.

Should I have separate insurance for my items in storage?

The Occupant Guarantee is not insurance and should not be considered as a replacement or stand-in for homeowners, renters, or storage insurance. Occupants may want to consider independent insurance to cover valuable items like jewelry, artwork, or collectibles which are subject to limited protection under the Occupant Guarantee.

We strongly encourage all Occupants to review and understand the terms of their insurance policy and what it covers and does not cover. Not all insurance plans will cover damage or loss to property caused by a Host who stores your items.

How long will it take for my payment request to be processed?

The length of the process will vary depending on the severity of the case, the quality of documentation, and the cooperation of the Host and Occupant. We strive to resolve most cases within a week of submission.

What are the limitations and exclusions for the Sharespace Occupant Guarantee?

The Sharespace Occupant Guarantee pays Covered Losses only. “Covered Losses” are limited to direct physical loss or physical damage incurred by a Occupant to Covered Property of such Occupant located at a Covered Storage Space caused by the Responsible Host or an Invitee of the Responsible Host while using such Covered Storage Space booked by such Responsible Occupant through the Services. Covered Losses do not include any losses or damage described under Excluded Losses below. 

Covered Property includes property:

  • owned by you.
  • not owned by you, but is in your custody and for which you are under obligation to keep the personal property insured for physical loss or damage.
  • not owned by you, but is in your custody and for which you have legal liability for physical loss or damage to the property.

Excluded Property includes: 

  • currency, money, precious metal in bullion form, notes or securities.
  • personal liability.
  • watercraft (including, but not limited to, boats, yachts, jet skis, and similar craft), aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites.
  • vehicles (including, but not limited to, automobiles, scooters, vespas, and motorcycles).
  • property in transit (our moving partners are liable).
  • any damage to any property that is not in or at a Covered Storage Space.
  • real property owned by a party other than you and that you do not control.
  • any other property that is not allowed to be store at a Storage Space as per the Sharespace FAQs.

The Sharespace Occupant Guarantee pays Covered Losses only and does not pay for any of the following (“Excluded Losses”):

  • any losses caused by a Host or Invitee after the expiration of the booking period shown in the applicable Listing.
  • losses or damages for Covered Property, which arise out of any one booking of a Covered Storage Space by a Responsible Host, in excess of the Limit.
  • in the case of Fine Arts, losses or damages if the Fine Arts cannot be replaced with other of like kind and quality and any loss or damage from any repairing, restoration or retouching process.
  • any losses, damages, cost or expense of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly, caused by, relating to or resulting from any of the following:
  • Excluded Property;
  • acts of nature, including, but not limited to, earthquakes and weather related events such as hurricanes and tornadoes;
  • indirect or remote causes;
  • loss, damage, or deterioration arising from any delay;
  • mysterious disappearance, loss, or shortage disclosed on taking inventory, or any unexplained loss of inventory;
  • animals; or
  • identity theft or identity fraud.
  • any losses, damages, cost or expense of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly, caused by or resulting from any of the following, regardless of any other cause or event contributing thereto:
  • any hostile act or act of war, terrorism, insurrection or rebellion;
  • actual or threatened malicious use of poisonous biological or chemical materials;
  • nuclear reaction or radiation or radioactive contamination;
  • seizure or destruction under quarantine or custom regulation, or confiscation by order of any governmental or public authority;
  • contraband, or illegal transportation or trade;
  • any dishonest act, including but not limited to theft, committed by you or any persons or entities retained by you to do anything in connection with Covered Property, unless such persons or entities are a Responsible Host or Invitee and such act is done without your knowledge;
  • the following conditions:
  • faulty workmanship, material, construction or design from any cause;
  • deterioration, depletion, rust, corrosion or erosion, inherent vice or latent defect;
  • Ordinary Wear and Tear;
  • settling, cracking, shrinking, bulging, or expansion of foundations, floors, pavements, walls, ceilings or roofs;
  • changes of temperature or relative humidity; or
  • damage caused by insects, animals or vermin (including pets);
  • provided, that any physical damage resulting from any of the conditions listed above will be covered by the Sharespace Occupant Guarantee if not otherwise excluded under the Sharespace Occupant Guarantee.
  • any losses, damages, claims, costs, expenses or other sums directly or indirectly arising out of or relating to mold, mildew, fungus, spores or other microorganism of any type, nature, or description, including but not limited to any substance whose presence poses an actual or potential threat to human health. This exclusion applies even if there is (i) any physical loss or damage to Covered Property; (ii) any peril or cause covered hereunder, whether or not contributing concurrently or in any sequence; (iii) any loss of use, occupancy, or functionality; or (iv) any action required, including but not limited to, repair, replacement, removal, cleanup, abatement, disposal, relocation, or steps taken to address medical or legal concerns.